My dream of writing started early in life with the push pull from my parents and grandparents who urged me to do what I wanted to do and give my best doing it. Go figure. I bet they never thought I'd become a writer.

I achieved my first publication at the ripe old age of thirteen. Okay, so it wasn't anything major, only school related, but that gave me my first taste of the thrill and excitement of publication. 
Ooh, did I tell you how I have to get into my characters' heads as they jump off the page and say, "write this scene in my point of view. "Pleeeze!!!" Or should I say my characters' get into my head. Since I write romantic thrillers, my characters' heads can be a very scary place to be. Ultimately, my goal is for my readers to be able to live vicariously through my stories, feeling the passion, the fear, and the urgency.  

I live in Tampa, Florida with my husband Joseph (Josie). Josie is my life and has been a major supporter of my writing. Literally. When I decided to write romantic fiction, he said if that's what you want to do, do it. I have three adult sons, seven grandchildren, one great-grandson, and two four-legged children. 

I am a member of Romance Writers of America and my local RWA chapter, Tampa Area Romance Authors (TARA).

My writing journey has been exciting, nerve-racking and tiring, but well worth it.

Happy reading!